Monday, November 05, 2007


We had a fun Halloween! Claire was a flower and Jacob was a bee. After procrastinating until the day before, we ended up finding these cute costumes from a friend in the ward and from my sister Camie. Thanks guys!
Jacob really had very little interest in carrying his candy bucket around. Claire, however, didn't want to let go of it!

Our cute little flower! She's saying, "Shoe," which is said by sticking her tongue out and making a machine-gun-like noise.
Jacob and Nana. Both kiddos are always pointing at things. I think Jacob was hearing a doggie. He also points at cars, trees, and planes ("Pway?" - he always sounds like he's asking a question). Claire loves to point at the "Yee-ight" (light).

Kiddos' favorite part of Halloween, of course, was the candy! We were mean parents and have limited the candy intake, especially seeing how they wanted to wolf down the sweet tarts and licorice!

We first went to a friend's house for chili (it was yummy!) and a little get-together. Then, we went trick-or-treating at a number of houses. They really liked putting candy into their buckets, and Jacob especially saw no point in walking to another house when he could just transfer candy into his bucket at 1 stop! Claire eventually got it and would happily walk between houses; I don't think Jacob ever did! As always, we had lots of comments about our cute little kids!


Bekah, Brad and Nick said...

Hi guys! Your kids are so cute! We joined the blogging world, too.
See you at Thanksgiving!

cmil said...

They all look so cute, even "nanna". I have been waiting for these pictures. Thanks for posting!