Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Kiddos did some fingerpainting recently. It was pretty entertaining! We got them into just diapers, set them in their high chairs, and gave them paint. We had to show them to dip their fingers, then go to the paper. Claire, of course, took a lick.
She also liked painting herself!
Their painting styles were very different. Claire liked to pat her paper, Jacob wanted to spread it all around

Thanks to Crayola's washable paints, the kiddos and high chairs came perfectly clean that night!


cmil said...

I see you are giving them a chance to express themselves and an opportunity to let the crative juices flow. It is amazing how different each masterpiece is.

Rebecca said...

you should try those finger paints that only show up on the special art paper..they are great...except for the fact that Sydney likes to eat it more than finger paint with it!