Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Learning and growing so fast

We've taught Claire and Jacob to say, "Please" (or "PEEEE!" in a really high-pitched voice) when they want something. If you're eating anything, or if there's something on the counter that they want, they'll walk up to you and say please. The next step, and certainly the more painful one, will be teaching them that saying please doesn't guarantee that they'll get what they want! We've already had a few big tantrums about that.

We're also trying to teach about prayer. Claire is pretty good at folding her arms at meal prayers. Jacob, not so much (he just wants to eat). Claire is also good for at least 1 prayer at church. Last Sunday, the person conducting the meeting stood up to welcome everyone, and Claire promptly folded her arms. It was very cute. When we said the first prayer, Claire again folded her arms, and then 6 seconds later, said "May-Men" and was off to read a book.

Here are some fun pictures of Claire with the Sockem-Boppers

They haven't figured out what they're supposed to be used for (yet).

Jacob looks like a little 4-year-old in this picture! They love having us put them up on these stools. So far, we've only had 1 little fall.
Cute Claire!
Jacob is seriously always on the phone. And when he's not, he's holding something (remotes, cars, his foot) up to his ear like it's a phone. Phones are a little bit of a problem toy at our house sometimes because Jacob likes to take them from Claire.
Dani thinks this picture of Claire and Jacob with their friend Abigail looks like one of those pictures from 100 years ago when you weren't allowed to smile at the camera, so we had to put it into black and white. Funny, huh?


Sarah said...

I just love the last picture. It just makes me laugh!! The kids are so serious!!

little miss shortcake said...

that is a funny picture - maybe you should "antique" it.

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture also! I think it is really cute. Boy! Claire's hair grows fast--but it doesn't look like Jacob's does. She looks so cute in bangs.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jacob looks 4 in that picture.

Josie said...

I can't believe how much Claire looks like Grandma Jensen--it's incredible!