Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Walking in the Snow

We recently awoke to snow on the ground, so I took Claire and Jacob out on our deck to walk around a little bit in it.
Jacob wasn't sure he liked it very much. He liked to talk about it, but actually being in it didn't excite him.
Claire, on the other hand, marched right out and did some laps around the table. She loved crunching the snow under her feet (just like she loved crunching fallen leaves). Notice her little turned-out-feet walk (except Vicki, don't notice it because it'll make you worry)
Jacob just stood in the same place the whole time. I got him to move only when I held his hand. It was cold, but he really just didn't want to walk in the stuff!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so don't point it out if you don't want me to worry! i would have never noticed. her left foot seems to turn out more and now I wonder if that is the one she limped on for a few days! So--don't point it out!!! Now, I'm worrying.

They are so different and adorable in their own way.