Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas vacation

So, blogging kind of fell by the way side over Christmas vacation, so here is an attempt at a marathon catch up.  We celebrated Christmas with the Jensen family a few days before Christmas then flew to Wyoming on the 23rd to spend Christmas and new years (and Grandpa John's 60th birthday, pictures to follow) with the Streeter family.  

This is just part of the chaos on Christmas day at the Streeter house with 2 Great Grandma's, 1 Grandma, 1 Grandpa, 6 Parents, 1 9year old, 1 8year old, 1 3year old (she is 4 now), 4 1year olds, and a 6 month old.  It was a full house!
This is Jacob and Claire's cute cousin Brighton (the 6 month old).  He is quite possibly the happiest baby ever!
Jacob really liked Breckin's new truck, but he was much more interested in using it for a seat than pushing it around.
Jacob and Claire dressed in their Christmas outfits with Grandpa and Grandma.
Grandpa John...he made the mistake of trying on the Hannah Montana wig that Kamryn got for Christmas (it turned out to be a much bigger mistake than he thought, stay tuned for the 60th birthday pictures).
Claire and Jacob loved the "hot".  Here they are enjoying it with Grandma (I am sure she will love me for posting this picture).  They told everyone over and over and over about the "hot".
Jacob got a bear almost exactly like one that his daddy had as a little boy from Aunt Amber.  It is really cute and by the way Amber, he loves it and cuddles it every time he sits in his rocker to watch a movie.
Jacob, Claire, and Cousin Clayton on Nana's piano (I am sure the keys got a good cleaning after all of their beautiful music).

This picture was Christmas eve in Cody, we had a white Christmas, and Claire LOVES the snow.  I think it is a great picture of her.  She probably walked a 1/4 mile before Daddy had to turn her around and carry her in the house kicking and screaming.
Santa brought play-dough, cookie-cutters, and candy in stockings for Claire and Jacob (Santa was feeling so brave).
Jacob took a little bit to get used to the opening thing, but after a few presents he got so into it that we had to put some other people's presents out of reach.


Angela said...

Love all the pics:) Cody Wyoming-BRRRRRR to that!

Matt, Rachel, Madden and Halle said...

I just love Claire's red hair! It's so adorable. Looks like a fun Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics. I guess I can't be too upset with you about the pics of me, since you posted that one of John. It was a fun time. I look forward to pics of the sledding. Did you take any of snowmobiling?

Cari said...

I just love watching your kiddos. They are so adorable, and sure enjoy life. Way fun to be around family for christmas.

Anonymous said...

That is quite possibly the most attractive picture I've seen of myself...what was I doing anyway? I like the piano picture...they all look like professionals!