Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Miss Dress-up

Claire has really been into dressing-up lately!  It is actually really funny because we don't really have any dress-up clothes so she obsesses over hats and shoes; she is always trying to put on my shoes and Jared's shoes and shoes that she and Jacob have outgrown, it is a really frustrating hobby for her.  She really loves to get her coat on too, and whenever she is wearing her coat she MUST be wearing her hood, it is pretty funny!

Here she is in her jacket (with hood on of course) with her miniature BYU backpack on.
With the same backpack on, and her brother's old hat.  She really loves hats!
One morning while wearing her footed pj's she insisted on wearing her shoes, so daddy put them on over the pj feet.  She wouldn't be seen without a hat though!
Here she is with a hat, the backpack, her baby bed and some really great pink  slippers with white puffs on them that a friend handed down to her.
It is so fun to see the personalities develop.  Claire is such a little princess and a little tomboy all in one!  She and her brother make us laugh every day!


Cari said...

I think I need to bring some dress up clothes over to your house. That is so funny. Haven still loves dress ups, and is quite the quick change artist. I can't keep track of how many outfits she has per day.

Christina said...

So fun. Whitney and Claire would have a wonderful time together. Whitney does the same thing minus the hats. Grandma gave us some pretty good dress up stuff for christmas so Whitney (and Danica) will spend hours changing from one outfit to the other.

ANJ said...

oh yes, we can definitely work with this. (muahhahahaha... evil laugh of a totally girl aunt)

Anonymous said...

I love the duds. She has style!

Anonymous said...

love those one piece zip up pj's, gets me so hard pulling down the zipper knowing the lovely bald p--sy is waiting underneath to be played with