Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meeting the Namesakes (sort of)

When I was pregnant with Claire and Jacob some close family friends offered to start a college fund if we named Claire and Jacob after them.  It was all in fun, so after they were born we first sent a false birth announcement to Wayland and Gloria announcing the arrival of Gloria Nan and Wayland Kip (Jared's middle name, after their son).  Anyhow, They responded with these t-shirts and a note that read:

To Our Darling Little Wayland & Glorta (aka Jacob & Claire),
As you can see from our picture, we are elated and overjoyed that you will carry on our name and hopefully or legacy forever.  We've waited a long time for our namesakes to arrive, but you two are worth it!!!!
We don't know you yet, but we love you!  You don't know us yet, but you'll love us!  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Gloria and Wayland 
Yes, I kept that note...I kept it in a folder meant for a scrapbook that I know and knew that I will never make, but maybe someday I can just pass along the folder.
Well, Jacob and Claire finally got to meet their namesakes a couple of weeks ago and they all loved each other.
We expect that both Jacob and Claire will go to and Ivy League school, so I sure hope Wayland and Gloria are saving their pennies.


bloomswheresplanted said...

Wow! How fun! That's a great story too.

little miss shortcake said...

Wayland Kip - now that is an awesome name. You'll have to save it for future use.