Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Favorite Things

Julie tagged here is how it got started:

Tanya Purcell came up with a great idea. Here is her idea:Whenever Oprah does her ‘Favorite Things’ show, I am always curious about the things she chooses and why. The best part of her ‘Favorite Things’ show is that she shares them with others! Well, the other day I thought to myself, “I don’t have to be Oprah to have ‘Favorite Things’. I started to think about the day to day things that I have or use that bring me some form of enjoyment. I thought it would be interesting to find out the ‘Favorite Things’ of my friends and family too. So here it goes…If money were not an issue and you wanted to load up a basket of your most ‘Favorite Things’ and give it to your friends, what would you choose and why? During your day to day life, are there things that you use each day that make you smile or feel good? Is there something that you look forward to everyday? It can be something simple, like the type of pen you use or something big like the type of car you drive. I will list my ‘Things’ and then I will tag a few of you to do the same thing. Here they are, in no particular order...

1- Chacos (the sandals, especially the ones that go around the big toe).  I love these sandals they are the greatest for hiking and my summer working for a wilderness therapy program really taught me how fantastic they are for hiking.  It is great not to have to wear socks when you hike in the summer and really let your feet breath.  I don't really hike (or mountain bike) in any other shoe and I don't know that I ever will again.  The great Z tan that you get on your feet is an added bonus! (If I can find and scan the picture from my Walkabout summer I will post it later)

2- Veggietales.   My kids love them and somedays that are really bad, Veggietales is the only 30-45 minute break I get.  What I really love about their videos is that they teach scripture stories but they are really creative and actually funny; their silly songs are hilarious too!  I am glad that my kids love some sort of videos that I can stand watching over and over without wanting to commit myself!  (Plus Larry the cucumber has a lisp which I really relate to!)
3-  iMac.  I recently got this computer and as I mentioned on an earlier post I LOVE IT!   It barely takes up any room on my desk and it has a big beautiful screen.  I also opted for the wireless keyboard and mouse which means the only cord is the one that plugs it in!  I love that I have iPhoto on it too because I really love the program and their templates.
4- Canon digital Elph.  I love this camera!  It was a birthday present from Jared's parents and it is awesome.  I love the size, it is barely smaller than a deck of cards and I actually take it places to take pictures because it fits in my pocket.
5- Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.  I love my van, I know that I should be embarrassed that I was driving a minivan so early in my life, but when you have kids 2 at a time it is a must!  I love the remote power side doors, they have been a lifesaver when carrying two children in or out of carseats.  I also love the stow-n-go seating, all of the back seats fold into the floor which transforms my mom-mobile into a yuppy pickup.  We have transported couches, Christmas trees, etc... and it is nice to have all the room I need for groceries when I already have 2 double strollers in the back.
6- Blistex Complete Moisture chapstick.  I love this stuff!  I have used it since High School and it is the only chapstick that I have ever finished complete tubes of.  It feels like water when you put it on and it smells like sprite, but it is amazing for chapped lips and has spf.
7- KitchenAid Mixer.  Infact I just used it to make some homemade cinnamon rolls (my house smells incredible).  I use this for so many things and I would never be without, in fact when we were looking for a house to buy one requirement was that the kitchen had enough counter space that I could keep the KithchenAid on the counter.
So there you have it!  I really do wish I could get at least one of all of these things for all of you! Now I would love to know what favorite things Sarah, Kaci, Carrie, and Amber have (I know it is not your usual blogging style Amber, but I am sure you have some great ideas).


ANJ said...

would you have ever guessed 5 years ago that these would be your favorite things -- veggietales, a van, and a mixer?


little miss shortcake said...

i agree with sasparilla - that is pretty funny!

that being said, i wish we had a minivan and a mixer!