Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Part 1

We had a weekend full of celebrating Easter.  On Saturday we had a big huge Easter dinner at our friends the Browns' house.  There were several families there and it was loud, wild, and a lot of fun!  I have to admit that Jacob was a huge contributor to the loud factor.  The food was great and the adults had their own table in a different room.  Here is the kids' table.
We all walked down the street to the Williamsons' backyard and had an egg hunt.  Jacob and Claire were both much more interested in eating the candy than looking for the eggs.
Claire was very protective of her basket and ate her candy without pausing between pieces.
Here she is when we semi-forced her to try to get more eggs in her basket, she kind of caught on and eventually it seemed to click that more eggs was more candy.
Jacob had no time for hunting because there is a slide in the Williamsons' backyard.  He really loves slides.  We snuck a few eggs from Claire's basket to Jacob's basket.


sassparilla said...

good job with the possessivizing of the williamsons' backyard :)

i guess the kids inherited a love of sweets!

Anonymous said...

Talk about big kids--getting to sit at their own table for dinner!

Looked like fun for all!