Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

Today is an unofficial Cincinnati holiday.  It is opening day, the first day of baseball season.  We are lucky and since we have lived here have always been given tickets.  This year was no exception and though I am not the world's biggest baseball fan I actually really like going to Reds games, especially opening day.  I was really excited for the game today, but my kids are sick and just not getting better, we have had a rough couple of days and are headed back to the doctor today.  Wish us luck, I think it is roseola, but we are not sure and...BLAH!  Anyhow, bummer that I missed the game, but Jared got to go and he IS the world's biggest baseball fan, so at least I will have a happy husband (even though the Reds lost).  Hopefully the A's win today!  Nana got Jacob a special baseball season shirt and hat.


Taylor Jensen said...

good work, dani. you've got to start him young. bummer you missed the game though! sounds like it would have been rough, especially with the rain delay and all.

Alisha Harris said...

Hi just wanted to leave a note so you know I do check in once in a while. We sure enjoyed the Jensens at Easter.