Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Miss and Mr. Man

I just can't believe how big my kids are getting.  (I am also a little behind on posting pictures that we have taken).  So, here are some of the pictures showing just how big Miss Claire and Mr. Jacob are getting.

Claire's hair is long enough now that I sometimes put it in a ponytail.  I took this picture in February the first time I put it in a ponytail (I know you can't see the ponytail, but it is a cute face).
In February I also decided that they were big enough to eat a little cup of ice cream by themselves in the car...they loved it!  (I also knew that there jackets needed to be washed anyway).
I just think Claire looks big in this picture, she is really in to wide open mouth smiles when she is in her highchair.  
Sometimes I spike Jacob's hair now, it is cute!  They both just look like little kids in these pictures, not babies!
This was the same day, we went out to lunch for my friend Trisha's birthday.  After I took this picture outside the restaurant I attempted to walk back to the car with the leftovers under my arm and a child holding each hand; Claire then lost a shoe and sat down in the middle of the parking lot insisting that I put it back on that very second.  That meant that I got to balance the leftovers and try to trap Jacob (an almost impossible task) with me while I tried to put her shoe back on (not to mention my happy green bag [what some may think a purse] that kept slipping off my shoulder.)  Fortunately we all made it back to the car in one piece (even the leftovers, though they were thoroughly mixed).


Julie said...

Your kids are looking huge! Doesn't that make you sad? I get sad when I look at my kids old pictures. They grow too stinkin fast! And I have to are pretty dang crafty. And a multi tasker....making 2 at a time.

Sarah said...

Can you believe your kids are almost 2?? I bet you still remember the day they came sliding out into the world!! I like your kids-they are fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I love the one of Jacob with the spiked hair and Claire with her hair down in front of the door. Isn't that the outfit I got her for Christmas. It looks cute!


Streeters said...

I think ou need to get a leash for Jacob. That way you only have to hold on to it instead of a whole kid. you might even be able to loop it over your arm to keep a hand free.

Anne said...

I'm impressed with the eating ice cream in the car. Such talent! Those are great pictures.