Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How is Jared Liking His Job?

Since we did move to Oregon for a career change for Jared, I have been (and I am assuming he has been too) getting this question over and over. Everyone is wondering how Jared is liking his job... Well, the company is doing great! Last week he made gingerbread houses one day and watched and epic puppet show of 'The Grinch' that a co-worker put on at work on another day. Often when he calls me or I call him from work he is surrounded by his laughter and the laughter of the people around him. He enjoys what he is doing and loves the people he works with (he also makes more money for doing it).

When we had our Ugly Sweater Party more than half of the people were from work. We spend most of our weekend time with someone that he works with. See this picture... all of those guys work together, and this may just be after 2AM (we all watched Fred Claus on a projector in our front room).
I think he likes his job!

Also, I cannot say that I don't love his job or the people he works with, or their wives! We feel really blessed to have such a great job especially at this time, but we also feel so blessed that we love the job and the people associated with the job!


sassparilla said...

so you MAY OR MAY NOT be re-living the college years. seriously.

looks fun :)

Vicki said...

Great picture of Jared. He is in his element. Glad it is all going well.