Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow in Portland!

It snowed here, which is apparently a rare occurance around here (you can tell by the way people drive in it). So this morning kiddos and I donned our snow gear (which was still packed in a box) and went out to build a snowman. You can see that it is mostly made of snow, but also made of dried leaves.
Jacob and Claire also really wanted to have a "snow fight!" Here is Claire in action... they were hilarious. They really had fun, but both had their moments when they were less than happy about a hit in the fight.
One of my kids loves playing in the snow more than the other.
Can you tell?
And we started the snow adventure and ended the snow adventure with tears from Jacob (he fell right off the step and caught himself with his face to start and he ended with a snowball to the face from Claire). Poor kid... no wonder his sister likes the snow more.
We came inside and had a cup of hot (warm) chocolate... Jacob drank his so fast I could not get his picture, but Claire loved hers!


Vicki said...

These pictures really gave me a chuckle. I especially loved the contrast between Jacob and Claire. That first sad picture of Jacob is priceless.