Friday, December 18, 2009

Thinking before speaking... sometimes can be difficult!

I recently finished reading the Book of Mormon (the one with pictures) with kiddos for the fourth or fifth time, so I decided that it's an appropriate time of year to start the New Testament stories (the one with pictures). We're currently reading the Sermon on the Mount, and today, we got to when Jesus was teaching the right way to pray.

I typically more tell the story than actually read, so when it was talking about using vain repetitions, a funny conversation with Jacob started (if only I could find a font that describes Jacob's high-pitched, excited voice and his fast way of talking):

Me: We should think about what we're saying in our prayers before saying it

Jacob: Oh, I say "Bless uncle T mission, bless the food." (which he says, sometimes numerous times, at every prayer) I no say bless the food any more (at this point shaking his finger)

Me: Jacob, it's okay to say "bless the food" at prayers before we eat.

Jacob (still shaking finger): Oh, okay, i no say "Bless the food" before bed. I say, "Bless uncle T mission, bless the food." Oh, oh, I say, "Bless uncle T mission, bless the food." Oh, I no say, "Bless the food." I say, "Bless uncle T mission, bless the food." Oh, oh, I say "Bless uncle T mission, thank you for my toys."

Sure enough, come prayers, and after a reminder to think before speaking, Jacob omitted blessing the food and remembered to give thanks for his toys.

That said, Jacob, a few times a week, will have long, drawn out conversations in his prayers, identifying objects on his plate he is thankful for (PBJ, pretzels, oranges, carrots, etc.), expressing his hopes (bless that we don't go to naps after lunch), talking about what he did that day (thank you that we played and had a bubble bath), or saying stuff that we don't understand, but are meaningful to him. It's fun hearing about the world from 3-year-olds!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love it!!!