Monday, December 07, 2009

Kids are so funny!

I was laughing about something Dani hadn't noticed that I had done (I had snuck a fingerfull of frosting), and Dani was trying to guess what it was, so Claire decided to help guess:

Claire: You laughing about my toot?

Earlier today, they were playing RocketShip:

And Claire was dressed 'fancy' for the occasion - and requested a picture of her dressed 'fancy' with her helmet on

Last night, Jacob's pull-up broke at Jim and Mel's house while we were there for Jim's surprise birthday party, so Jacob pulled off his pants and ran around loudly looking for us to change him in the middle of 30+ guests!

And now, Jacob is running around saying, "I have Christmas Energies!!!"

EDIT: Just now, 2 more funny things happened. We got a book from the library called The Biggest Thing in the Ocean about a giant squid. We were talking about what might be the biggest thing in the ocean, and I, thinking I would teach Claire something, asked her what was the biggest thing in the ocean. Her response: "Water!" Who taught who!

Then, for prayers, Jacob said he was, "Thank you for this handsome day."

Kiddos are really funny!


Anonymous said...

I loved Claire's comment about the bigest thing in the ocean and Jacob's comment about the "handsome day". Thanks for the chuckle.