Friday, April 06, 2012

Bath time!!!

This blog would feel incomplete if we didn't put some cute pictures of bath time we recently took! We had a lot of good/funny pictures to choose from!

Kate loves the bath tub - when she gets excited, she splashes her arms and kicks her legs and scoots around a little bit... and sometimes needs a hand to keep herself upright!
Liam loves to splash - he gets really excited in the tub.
Kate and Liam have different reactions to water being splashed in their faces or dripped on them - Kate thinks it's hilarious, and Liam is surprised by it.
Kate also loves to suck her thumb when in the tub - I think she likes the taste of it when it's wet (gross!!)


Anonymous said...

You know how to brighten my day. I love posts of my grandkids and this one is great!


Sarah said...

I really have enjoyed the last couple of posts about Kate and Liam. They sure are really cute kids. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!