Sunday, April 01, 2012


I love hearing comments about the babies from people who know our babies almost exclusively from the blog. Often, we hear, "those babies are just so smiley all the time" or "they are such happy babies!" While they obviously don't spend every moment of the day smiling or happy, they really are good natured and happy babies. So, for those of you who haven't yet met them in person, here's a little about our Liam!
SIZE: At 8.5 months, Liam is already almost 20 pounds and has outgrown his baby carrier. As a comparison, Jacob was between 16 and 17 pounds at 9 months. Liam's calf and thigh is nearly the same circumference as Claire's is now!
NICKNAME(S): Buster, Bus, Bus-Bus (said like "Gus Gus" from Cinderella), Chubbas, Big Happy Dude, or just Big. I'm sure he hears his real name a few times a day, but he's more often called one of his nicknames.
PERSONALITY: Liam reminds me a lot of Jacob... other than the red hair, and he may be just a little calmer... or at least maybe we hope he is?

Liam LOVES people - and he is really excited to have people's attention. From across the room, if he makes eye contact with you, his arms and legs start flapping furiously. At times, this eye contact also includes the expectation that you're coming to pick him up, which can be pretty disappointing to him if that wasn't your intention.

Liam is a very sensitive little boy (sound familiar?). He gets scared occasionally (today, for example), and if he gets put down when he's wanting to be held, he has a very sad cry. He's started giving occasional snuggles, which we love!
RELATIONSHIP TO FOOD: Liam's other love is food. He eats anything and would eat almost all day if we let him (again, sound familiar?). When he's in his high chair and runs out of puffs, or if the babyfood isn't coming fast enough, he starts growling. If he drops his food, he starts panicking! It's really funny. He also uses a second hand to make sure the first hand puts the food in the right place (pictured above)... it's about 50% effective.
  • Getting Liam out of bed - he kicks his legs really hard and flaps his arms.
  • Liam is SO happy when you're getting Cherrios or puffs out of the pantry that he starts giggling or squealing (in a very high pitched voice)
  • His Cheeks - they are so wide, they just need to be kissed!
  • His dimple - his cheeks are so wide, his dimple is about at his ear lobe!
  • The gap in his top teeth - it's really cute - and he smiles so much that we get to see it all the time!
  • Liam's eyes - his are different from our other kids because they're a little more almond shaped and are a little darker blue and have long eye lashes.
  • Liam's high-pitched squeal. His normal voice isn't all that high, but when he's excited, he does these loud, really high-pitched squeals. They're funny!
  • Watching him laugh at Jacob and Claire. I don't think I anticipated having this much fun watching our babies look up to their big brother and sister.
We love this little boy! What a blessing it is to have him as part of our family!


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Thanks for this post Jared. I loved it.