Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter

Forgot to post these last week... Happy Easter from all our beloved hoodlums!  They all wore cute new Easter outfits.

We did an Easter egg hunt at the Bishop's house, then we went over to the Evans' house.  They hid a ton of eggs!

Babies hunted for eggs, too - they were heavy to carry around!

For the 3rd straight year, we had a bright blue skies and a beautiful day!  We were blessed with beautiful weekends all month long.

Babies liked their Easter baskets - Liam liked the food, of course!

 The kids got lots of candy - one of the baskets was left on the floor one day, and Liam got into the jelly beans.  He was having lots of fun eating them, drooling on our white rug.  He wasn't happy when I took him away from his food.

Kate really liked her bow... though it didn't stay on for long.


Anonymous said...

Such happy, beautiful children. Love them all. J

Jamie said...

Okay, so catching up on your life AND loving it. Do you really have two sets of twins. I am dying for you and loving it all at the same time! Good to see you guys doing well!