Sunday, April 01, 2012


SIZE: While Kate looks and feels a little more petite compared to her twin brother, she is actually bigger than Jacob and Claire were at 10 months. Her features are very small (except her eyes) and cute.
NICKNAMES: Kate really doesn't have as many nicknames as Liam. Baby Girl and Neenee, Neenee Girl, or Neenee Baby (coined by Jacob and said in a loud, high pitched voice) are her current nicknames.
PERSONALITY: I remember commenting to my brother Andrew over Skype the day after the babies were born that Kate had a very expressive face. That trait has certainly grown as she's gotten older.

She is really interested in getting things, though that hasn't seemed to motivate her to roll over much or crawl. But she stretches out as far as she can and opens and closes her hand over and over trying to get her target. In the picture above, she was holding 2 rubber ducks and wanted me to give her another - which she indicated by opening her mouth as wide as possible so she could chew on its head!

Kate is probably the more extreme in terms of being happy and sad/mad. She can go from 0 to MAD in a hurry, but she may be easier to get back calm.
RELATIONSHIP WITH HER FEET: Kate LOVES her feet! Sometimes, that's all she really needs to keep herself entertained for a while. And, she's flexible enough that she always has something to play with. Quite often, she'll lay on her back with a hand on each foot almost in the splits. Also, her feet are in constant motion - she's always rolling her ankles around.
EXPRESSING HERSELF: Kate has many ways of expressing herself. She's been the more vocal baby for quite a while, saying "babababa" or just "ba" or "aaaah." Recently, she's been looking at us and telling us these things, knowing that we understand exactly what she's saying. She also spits a lot (sound familiar to her sister?). What is it with our dainty little baby girls?
  • "Kamakazee Kisses" - you pick her up, and suddenly she's seemingly eating your lips... nope, that's a kiss.
  • The face Kate makes when she's about to give you a kiss. She gets a little serious and stares at your lips. It's really funny
  • Getting her out of bed. Or picking her up. Often you get a Kamakazee kiss :)
  • When Kate is sad when she's sitting on the ground, she bends herself in half and sticks her forehead on the ground!
  • The crazy look. Sometimes, her smile and the look in her eyes is a little crazy (see smile below)!
  • Putting her to bed. She lays down and sucks her thumb. Sometimes she'll put one or both her hands behind her head to sleep.
  • When throwing her up in the air, she kicks one foot straight out and giggles. Just recently, she's started kicking both out.
  • Watching her with Jacob and Claire - they love her, and she loves them!
We love this little girl! She's a fun addition to our family!


Anonymous said...

These are great posts for Grandmas who are missing out on so much--thanks!