Saturday, June 22, 2013

A's game in Seattle!

We went up to Seattle and visited the Space Needle, riding the monorail to and from the park, and spent some time walking around and taking pictures.  It was a beautiful day, so we got some picturesque shots.

We left Kate and Liam at home and enjoyed some time with the big kids.

We got to the game early so we could watch batting practice.  There were a number of balls hit in our general direction, but we didn't get a ball... until a random person walked up and asked Jacob if he would like a ball.  Jacob was thrilled!

We had some great seats behind the A's dugout

and got some great views of the stadium as the sun was setting.

We sampled some of Safeco Field's cuisine, including some delicious (and extremely garlicky) garlic fries.  Dani had Thai food, which didn't seem like ballpark food to the purist in the family.

Dani took some selfies of her and Claire and Jacob

Jared taught the kids to keep score by hand, and they stayed with it pretty well through the game.

It was a great birthday present!