Saturday, June 29, 2013

Visiting the Raabs on the way to Cody

We took a trip to Cody for the 4th of July.  That meant that we had a long drive to get there.  The kids were so excited to get going that they hung out in the car for over a half hour before we left.  I don't think they realized just how many hours we would be doing in the car on this trip!

On the way, we got to spend an evening and a night with the Raabs.  It was so much fun to see them and have our kids re-connect!

The babies loved playing on the trampoline

and so did pretty much everyone else.

Before we left, the kids put on a trampoline show for the parents.  They brought chairs outside for us to watch.  There were lots of tricks, including a coordinated exit.

The next day to Cody was mostly uneventful, other than the obligatory motion sickness that happens every trip to or from Cody.  We had to remind the kids in the back seat to look up so they didn't get sick.

Dani packed lots of activities for babies and kiddos.  Claire spent lots of time reading books, the Star Wars fan deck, and doing her word searches.  Jacob played Leapster, asked if he could play Leapster, and did a little bit of the variety of activities.

We also brought and listened to an audiobook. Kate decided she didn't want to listen to the audiobook, and she made sure Dani knew it.

Kate and Liam went through a lot of different activities.  Many times, Liam would be content playing with something, and Kate would decide she needed a snack or a treat, and when we finally gave her one, Liam also got to benefit from Kate's "negotiating."  It's great to be a twin.