Monday, June 24, 2013

Eating with Twins

Eating with almost 2-year-olds is quite the experience.  Sometimes, they are very picky (especially Kate), and then sometimes they'll eat almost anything.  They also have some funny eating peculiarities. For example:

One day, Kate got her hands on a little clementine.  She carried it around for a few minutes, and eventually wanted to eat it.  So she started eating it, peel and all!

Liam likes to dip things in sauce, even if it doesn't go together.  Here's a picture of Liam dipping his strawberries in barbecue sauce!!!

While picking strawberries, Liam and Kate discovered they could eat while picking (or they could raid Dani's basket while she picked).  Liam would shovel strawberries, stems and leaves and all, into his mouth.

One day, Kate didn't want to eat her dinner.  She finally decided it would be better if she just stuck her face in it, kind of like the "momma's little piggy" scene in Christmas Story.

Another thing that Kate does is she likes to take 1 bite out of her food, then put it back.  A few times we've caught her doing this:
- Picking strawberries
- At one of Jacob's baseball games, she took a stack of about 5 Ritz crackers, took 1 bite, then put them back in the bag
- eating a cheese stick for a snack - she takes 1 bite and gives the rest to Liam.

They love to use their silverware by themselves and normally wind up as big messes, but we love it.