Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I am lucky to be the father of 4 AWESOME kids who I love and who love me, too!!!  

One of the best presents I got was a little book from my kids all about their daddy.  As I was reading it, Kate was getting a particularly big kick out of the answers (hers especially).

Liam, meanwhile, was chilling on the couch with his snack and his remote control.

Lots of the answers in the book centered around having fun, telling jokes, and joking around (my kids think I'm hilarious).  Jacob appreciated our time talking.  Claire appreciated that I am a priesthood holder.

Here are some of my other favorite answers:

I love Dad because:
He sometimes forces us to go outside (Claire)
He talks with me (Jacob)

Daddy's favorite hobby:
Mommy (Jacob)
Playing with the Authors (Claire)
Ribbit (Kate)
Bye Daddy! (Liam)

After opening the other presents (or holding the presents on my lap as my babies opened them) and Kate noticed that the last present was gone, she went running as fast as possible into the kitchen, exclaiming, "CAKE!!!"  She's got it all figured out.