Saturday, February 08, 2014

Building in the snow

The first two days of snow produced a snow that was so light and fluffy that it wasn't possible to build anything.  The last day, we had some rain, so it made the snow great to build with.

The kids all helped make a pretty big snowman.  They found the rocks and sticks and brought out the carrot.  We were all pretty proud of our creation.

Jared made a little slide in the front of the house.  The original intent was for it to be a big pile of snow that we could build a cave in, but since we don't have a snow shovel and Jared had to carry the piles of snow, after a few minutes, the scope of the project was reduced to building a little slide!  Most of the snow that made up the slide was from the top of Jared's car!  Kate and Liam loved going down the slide over and over and over. 

Later, it began to rain, and later that night as the temperature dropped, and the rain began to freeze, which put a coating of ice over top of the entire slide, which looked pretty cool.  

We got a lot of use out of our snow gear over the course of just a few days!  

After the rain came back, it didn't take long before all the snow gear was back in storage, and it didn't take long for both slide and snowman to completely melt.


Anonymous said...

so fun for jared in the kids!