Friday, February 07, 2014

Winter Olympics, Sochi Russia

We decided we should celebrate the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics with Ben and Aubrey.  Dani made the Olympic rings for the occasion.

We also decided to make Russian food, including strogonoff (served over fried potatoes, which is apparently how it's done in Russia), Piroshkis (which are fried bread with ground beef and onions in the middle), and a potato salad made by Aubrey

I have to admit I prefer the strogonoff served over egg noodles, American style, but the piroshkis and salad were delicious.  All made for great leftovers!

The kids all celebrated the USA by having some red, white, and blue popsicles.

We spent time many nights watching a few of the winter events.  Jacob decided he wanted to be a slopestyle skier, and Claire decided she wants to be a figure skater.