Tuesday, February 04, 2014


We've gotten a few cute pictures of Liam recently, so we figured it would be a good excuse to give a post to him.  At 2 1/2, he is an energetic, happy little boy.

While he is very outgoing and sociable, Liam also loves to play quietly with toys.  He has a long attention span for playing with cars, legos, or play food - especially when others in the house are letting him!

Liam is also very interested in vacuuming.  Whenever someone is vacuuming, Liam always makes sure he gets a turn.  He is almost always the first child willing to help clean up messes.

Liam is always good for a big smile.  He also has some fantastic bedhead!!!

As our family has been doing scripture study each evening, Liam has decided that a bible that was Jared's growing up is now his.  He lays down and joins the family on many nights (other nights, he runs around while we read).

Liam loves bubble baths!  And acting like a monkey.

Sometimes, Liam likes to hold hands while he watches movies.  It is pretty irresistible!!!

He is a very loving and lovable boy!