Friday, February 07, 2014

Snow in Wilsonville!

It has been a number of years since we last had any real measurable snow in Wilsonville, so it was with great excitement that we watched the weather and then the skies as the snow came down!  Fortunately, we have winter gear for Kate and Liam from when Jacob and Claire were little so they could go outside and play.

Jared taught Kate what a snow angel was, and then Jacob, Claire, and Kate all decided to make snow angels side by side.  I love that Kate is looking over at Claire in this picture!

The final results in the backyard were pretty good!  Even better were the snow angels that Claire was doing randomly every 30 yards or so on the sidewalk (right below) as we took a walk around the neighborhood a little later in the day.

For Kate and Liam, this was their first time with snow in the back yard, and they loved it!

Claire took it upon herself to make sure that there was no snow covering any surfaces outside - the table and chairs, the grill cover, and the play house roof were all cleaned regularly by Claire.

Claire was our snowgirl outside.  She would go outside earlier than anyone else, stay the entire time, and stay out for hours after everyone else had come inside.  She would go play with the neighbors, dust off the new snow, and who knows what else!