Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrating 2 birthdays and 2 baptisms

After the baptism, we went with the grandparents and out-of-town guests to Benihana's.  It was an energetic bunch at both tables with Liam keeping Wayland quite entertained (or the other way around), and all the Jensen and Nickel kids having a great time.  Kate was in charge of the grandmas.

The chef at the table with the Jensens and Nickels was especially funny and was getting quite a big reaction out of the kids.  The most funny thing was the 'walla-walla chicken' that he "drew" out of eggs, then "fed" it sesame seeds.

The prior night, after John's Incredible Pizza, we went home for presents.  Both Jacob and Claire got a big Lego set.  They spent hours over the next couple days completing the sets, then protecting them from curious 2-year-olds!

Claire had been asking for a friendship necklace for a while so that she could share it with her friend, Lilly.  She was even more surprised when she also got a friendship bracelet making set!

Both boys were excited for Jacob's cub scout shirt and book!

"The Scout," as he began to refer to himself, quickly got himself dressed for the occasion.

There was an energetic crowd