Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kiddos get baptized

Jacob and Claire were baptized the day after their birthday.

The baptism itself was an incredibly special event.  Similar to their baby blessings, Jacob and Claire were able to share this important and special event. Jacob and Claire chose who would be baptized first and who would be confirmed first, and Jacob was first into the water.  With Claire watching from the stairs, he was baptized. He then watched from the stairs in the font while Claire was baptized.

Jacob later said that his favorite part of the baptism occurred afterwards, when I gave him a big hug in the changing room.  Jacob spoke of feeling warm with the spirit as he left the water.  Claire's observations were a little bit different than Jacob's, telling Dani that it felt really wet.

We were blessed to have both sets of grandparents come out for Claire and Jacob's birthday and baptism.

We were also blessed to have many friends, both local and from afar, and ward members join us for the special occasion.  The Nickels came from Tacoma and Wayland and Gloria made a road trip from California.  After we arrived, and before we started, we added more chairs to those that were set up for us, and it wound up being a good thing because every chair was filled!  Standing in the font, there was a sea of children right at eye level watching the baptism.  We were told by a few people that among the attendees were more children than they had witnessed in a long time (i.e. "this was one of the loudest baptisms I've been to!").

Grandpa John gave a talk on baptism using his tablet!  He talked about Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey's being baptized and the authority necessary to be baptized. He also spoke about the age of accountability and how, now that Jacob and Claire are 8, they will be accountable for their actions, but can repent, take the sacrament, and renew their baptismal covenant on a weekly basis.

Nana gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  She spoke about the Holy Ghost being a source of light for us to light our path.  She compared it to a flashlight, needing constant charging.  She and Papa have one in their home that is constantly charged because it is plugged into the wall.  If we constantly charge our batteries, the Holy Ghost will be present with us as well.  Perhaps the biggest highlight of the talk (in Jacob's and the babies' eyes, in particular) was the new rechargeable flashlight that doubles as a (very bright) night light.

After the baptism, Vicki sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" with Dani and Nana accompanying on the oboe and piano.

After the confirmations, the primary president gave a few words of congratulations, and the bishop welcomed them to the ward.  He had been feeling sick and was being sure to not shake hands (and let those in the confirmation circle know it may be a good idea to wash hands after the confirmation), but we were grateful to have him there.  In his remarks, he said that as he contemplated attending or sending another member of the bishopric in his stead that day, he asked, "what would the Savior do?"  It was a tender moment from our loving bishop.

It was an incredible and memorable day for all!


Anonymous said...

I sure appreciate you blogging and picture taking skills. I wanted pictures from this trip and now I have them. Thanks!