Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pinewood Derby week

The first activity for "The Scout" was the annual pinewood derby!  One of the men in the ward invited the boys over to build the cars in his garage using his tools (lucky for Jared - otherwise, Jacob's car may have been a solid block).  Grandpa got to help, too!  Jacob designed the car and helped sand it nice and smooth.  He was very excited to paint his car bright colors.

There were lots of cars lined up.  Jacob's had a Lego driver on it and won the award of "Best Funny Car."  Jacob was so excited to see his car finish 3rd (of 4 cars) in the first race.  Jared was just relieved that his car finished the races and didn't finish last!  He ended up getting 2nd in a couple other races.

A proud cub scout!

The dads decided to run a no rules race that weekend.  Jared decided to hollow out his car to fill it with weights.  Liam was really interested in watching Jared in his "workspace" (we don't have a workbench!).

Jared first painted the car, then decided to hollow it out a bit more, before the paint dried, so it became a kind of a pinewood-speckled blue.  He then built a little rack on the back of the car and loaded it with super-glued fishing weights in addition to the weights stuffed into the body of the car.  It ended up being over double the normal allowable limit.

There was quite the assortment of cars.  Two were battery-fan powered (one of which worked), another was a remote control car motor powered, one was filled with melted metal, another was a block of pure metal, and others were just designed cars.  The most beautiful by far was bishop Wilde's cherry, maple, and oak inlaid wood car!  The winner ended up being the fan-powered car, and it wasn't very close!  Jacob ran his car as well and won a couple of races in his heat!  Jared's car fared decently.

All in all, it was a decent showing for the Jensen household!