Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Jacob and Claire!!!

Happy 8th birthday Jacob and Claire!!!  It is hard to believe that our two kids have already reached this exciting milestone birthday!

Claire is quietly self confident, loving and caring to others, and a great big sister to her little siblings.  She loves that Kate looks up to her.  She loves reading and is a diligent and thorough student in class, both at school and as a piano student.  She definitely has some quirks and is a bit of a daydreamer who likes to 'stop and smell the roses.' She has a funny and goofy sense of humor.  We love to watch Claire as she dances and sings around the house.

Jacob is energetic and social, and typically dials up the energy of entire groups.  He likes to be busy doing things, like building Legos, playing Wii, playing sports, and playing with his siblings.  He is also sensitive, both to the spirit and to what others think of him.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong and wants to be doing the right thing, and making sure others are doing the right thing as well.  He is often a very good helper and will at times ask what he can do to help around the house.  Jacob is probably our cuddliest child.

We love them individually and as a pair.  There are many ways that they are alike - they both have a strong knowledge of the gospel, they both love to build together, imagine up stories, and talk about Star Wars.  They are different as well - Jacob love sports, Claire loves dancing and music; Jacob is loud, Claire is quiet.  We love that they get to celebrate birthdays together.  We love to hear them talking in their beds (up to a certain point where it's time to fall asleep!).  They look out after one another and play well together.

To celebrate their birthday, we went to John's Incredible Pizza with both sets of grandparents and Wayland and Gloria.  We got to eat yummy pizza, play video games, and ride rides.  Jacob challenged Grandpa John to a car race and was successful getting him to play for the first time Dani can remember! 

We got the entire group (other than Dani, who was pregnant, and the babies, who were too small) on the bumper cars.  It was pretty hilarious seeing all the familiar faces on that ride, and kiddos definitely loved it.  It's also funny to just listen to all the chatter and laughter throughout.

Babies got to do their ride on a pendulum-style boat ride.  While both Kate and Liam loved it, Kate was hilarious!!!  We invited Wayland, who apparently forgot that he got motion sick and was struggling a little bit by the end.  


We celebrated their birthday with birthday cake that night.  We are so proud of our little 8-year-olds!