Saturday, June 07, 2014

Baseball season

Jacob played his second season of rookie-level baseball this year.  His team was the "Red Slammin' Sox" (much to Jared's chagrin... he may not have called the team by its name all year!).

Jacob started the year telling his coaches that he loved playing catcher the very most.  He got a cup and played catcher for at least an inning in all the games, but by the end of the year, he decided he liked playing 3rd or 2nd base better (probably because there are more opportunities to make outs in the field, which he did a few times).  He also got braver behind the plate by the end of the year.

He did pretty well swinging the bat, too.  He hit the ball in nearly every at bat during the season, many of them going right back up the middle.  He even got it through the outfielders on his 2nd to last at bat of the season for his first double.  He was pretty excited about that.  I like this picture because it shows Jacob's swing on a ball he hit in the air.

His coach was very enthusiastic and encouraged the boys  

The team was pretty energetic (aided by root beer floats!) for the last team picture.

The support crew kept in pretty good spirits throughout the season, even as Dani approached her due date (Torin was born the day before the season-end tournament).  On games at Boone's Ferry, Claire brought her scooter and Kate and Liam brought their balance bikes and cruised around the track.

Liam took some interest in playing baseball during the season.  He would often play catch with Jared or one of the other parents.  He would occasionally watch the games for a few minutes and cheer Jacob on (here he is cheering for a Jacob at-bat).