Thursday, June 05, 2014

Introducing Torin Luke Jensen

At 11:43, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Torin, into the world.  

A few weeks earlier, Dani was told that if she reached this day, Dr. Farley would induce her, so we were prepared and ready to go into the hospital bright and early that morning.  Relatively quickly after having her water broken, Dani started having hard contractions.  She got the epidural in, and a few minutes later, she was fully dilated and ready to push, but feeling much better!

Dr. Farley was called and arrived pretty quickly.  She had gone through most of the pre-pushing hard labor right before and while she got her epidural in, so she pushed the button a few times to get a little extra medication, and that ended up slowing the contractions to 8 minutes apart, making them weaker, and nearly putting her to sleep.  A little pitocin got her ramped back up, and, after over an hour and a half of pushing (and waiting), our little purple baby was born!


After he had been laying on the bed for probably 4-5 seconds, Dani asked, "what is he?"  It took me a few seconds to realize she was asking his gender and to tell Dani.

Dr. Farley was great throughout the entire pregnancy - we were so happy to have such a kind and caring doctor!

From the first hours that he was out, he was a peaceful little guy, and we were so grateful to have him as a part of our lives and as a part of our family.