Saturday, June 07, 2014

Claire's first piano recital

Claire started piano lessons last summer with Andrea, and she has made a lot of great progress in the months since.  She has been mostly diligent at practicing daily, and has even started giving Jacob beginning piano lessons (she's checking him off on songs in some of the books she's completed).

This week she had her first piano recital at the church.  She played a beginners version of The Imperial March.  In all honestly, it was probably a bit above her level, but she really loved playing it and it was coming together so quickly that she and Andrea decided it would be her piece.

Claire was close to the end of the program, and she confidently went up to the piano, and Andrea, recognizing that Claire would be a bit too shy to announce her own piece, announced Claire's piece for her, then Claire sat down and played the piece well!  She was beaming after she finished! 

Dani (and 2-day-old Torin) got to listen to her piece from the hallway.  We look forward to many more recitals!