Friday, June 06, 2014

Meet the family

A few hours after Torin was born, Claire, Jacob, Kate and Liam were all introduced to their new baby brother.  Kate was even excited that our new baby was a boy (she was the one hoping for a girl).

The siblings all wanted a turn to hold Torin

Except Liam who growled when we asked him if he wanted a turn.  Liam also growled at the questions, "what do you think of being a big brother" and "what do you think of your new baby brother."  In the end, Kate, Jacob, and Liam were way more interested in watching cartoons than continuing to watch and hold their newly-born baby brother in the hospital room!

Eventually, once we got him home, Liam begrudgingly "held" Torin for a couple seconds.  He has, however, been very aware of him and way more soft with Torin than he is with anything else!

Nana had arrived the day before and was excited to hold her newest grandson.

As the birth date approached, Kate and Liam came down with a stomach bug, Kate first, then Liam the next day.  We were quite worried when Kate's turned into a 48 hour bug instead of 24 hours that they wouldn't be able to come to the hospital, but both recovered fully before Torin was born so they could come visit in the hospital.

Buckle in, little Torin... it's going to be an exciting ride with these people!!!