Saturday, April 23, 2016

Claire gets her ears pierced

For Claire's birthday, she was given earrings and the chance to get her ears pierced. Kaci and Dani joined Claire at Claire's. The workers asked if they should do one at a time or both, and, just in case, Dani advised to do both - so Claire didn't end up with just 1 pierced ear!

After getting up and browsing for new earrings, Claire tapped Dani's shoulder to let her know she didn't feel well, and she passed out and went right down to the ground (fortunately Dani was holding her arm when she passed out). After laying on the floor for a few seconds, she woke up. She got a lemonade at the pretzel stand down the hall (because Claire's apparently couldn't give her any water).

She started feeling quite a bit better, but she'll always have a good story of Claire passing out in Claire's!


Unknown said...

Yep, a story to remember!