Saturday, April 23, 2016

Portland waterfalls with Kaci

After spending a week with the kids while Dani and Jared were in Cancun, Kaci couldn't get enough and stayed for a few more days. The kids enjoyed having Kaci with them all week, and the feeling was certainly mutual - Kaci was loving being around them too. 

We decided to take a tour of the gorge, starting at Multnomah and moving our way down the old gorge highway. We got a little taste of Portland drizzle, but that certainly didn't stop us! Liam is starting to make this classic face in his pictures - ha!

The waterfalls were super green and running with a lot of water from all the warmth this week.

Jared and Torin had a great time hiking around the gorge!

Kaci and Torin were especially good buddies. As much of a daddy's boy as Torin is (he requires Jared to do everything for him when Jared is around), he allowed Kaci to help him! He was super sad when Dani dropped Kaci off at the airport.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful aunt and sister you have!