Saturday, April 30, 2016

Date nights mean good food!

We love date night and we love food, so date night is a perfect time for lots of good food!

In February, we went to the Portland Night Market, a quarterly indoor market with Jessica and Ryan. We walked through the stalls, bought a handful of art, and tried a bunch of samples of salsas and jams. Afterward, we went to Merriwether's and ate ... and ate! And then Jared and Ryan donned mustaches.

For Jared's birthday, we decided to check off a place that has been on our list for a long, long time - Screen Door. Since there was a wait, we decided to walk down the road to Pix and do dessert first! Brilliant!

It was a good warmup for what was next. Fried chicken, more fried chicken, and lots more southern goodness! Check out the size of this fried chicken!!! it's bigger than Dani's hand! And those drumsticks were first smoked and then battered and fried... amazing!!! We were stuffed!

This spring was beautiful, and we had lots of opportunities to go for bike rides for date night. One of our favorites was 17 miles on the Springwater Corridor.

complete with a trip to Cartlandia and 3 more food carts! Yum!

The Portland Night Market was back, and this time, it was time to hit the food carts outside. We ate our way through the food carts, trying the dumpling, steamed buns, and the fried chicken trucks.

The theme - we love to be together and we love to eat!!!


Unknown said...

Love seeing you be together!