Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blazers Clippers playoff game

We arrived at the stadium a few minutes early so we could be there for player introductions (and get food!). Jacob got a picture with Damien Lillard and talked nonstop about the Blazers. We got our Rip City sticks on the way in, found some (original!) PDX carpet, and got ready to be loud!

The red light sticks gave an awesome effect in the intros and throughout the games. As usual, the stadium was rocking as the team started and was loud for most of the game. Jacob and Claire were really into it.

One of the definite bonuses was some great food! Before the game started, we started the night off with some Salt & Straw ice cream - in part because it was likely the shortest Salt & Straw line in the city! After a yummy dinner, we started the 2nd half off with some more ice cream (Jared left with 2 seconds left in the half to get a second helping, and there were only 3 people in line in front of him!).

We were all smiles as the Blazers held on for the win! 1 more to close out the series and move on to round 2! It was a memorable first playoff game for Jacob and Claire.


Unknown said...

Go Blazers! Lucky kids!