Tuesday, July 05, 2016

A little extra travel on an already long travel schedule

Between flying across the country, from Portland to DC, then taking a road trip from DC to Cincinnati, followed by a flight home from Dayton, we knew we were going to have quite a few hours of travel. For the most part, it went without a hitch - even if Torin isn't the best airplane or road-trip sleeper!

There was one pretty big hitch, though, in Dayton. After boarding, we were de-planed for mechanical reasons (minutes after all the restaurants in the airport closed) and ended up staying the night (fortunately in an adjoining room) and having to fly out the next morning. The kids took everything very well for the hours we waited in the airport.

While we were waiting, not knowing if the flight would be cancelled or not, one of other passengers pulled out a book he had purchased for his son, Dr. Seuss Sleep Book, and read it to the kids. Before he read it, he asked them, "do you mind if I read in an accent?" and he read in a southern accent. It was hilarious! It was a long book, and he was great for reading to them!

Since it was the 4th of July, we ended up seeing some fireworks from a distance on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We counted that as a small blessing!


Unknown said...

These kids are always up for being read to!