Sunday, July 24, 2016

Traveling with this crew

We do a lot of travel during the summer, driving many hours. This summer, we added a few stops to our normal route and enjoyed time in places we don't always see.

On our way to Island Park, we stopped at Kaci's house. Toby and Tyler stayed up late with the adults the first night, cracking us up! The next morning, the big kids played with NERF guns, and Kate and Torin were content to play with Kamryn's bunny.

On the way to Island Park, we spent a few hours with Grandpa Walters in his home. Patrice and Austin came and joined us as well. It was good to see and visit with Grandpa!

We also took Dani and the kids to Granny's grave site. The monument was new since Jared had been there last year for the funeral. It was special to have the whole family there.

Here's a picture of the fully-loaded Yukon because it's important to remember just how much stuff we would have to bring! We haven't had to resort to a car-top carrier just yet.

Driving through Idaho leaves the front of the Yukon looking gross!

Driving out of Island Park, we took a short detour to watch Old Faithful. It was a super hot day in Yellowstone!

Jared spent part of the week back in Portland, flying out of Cody. He considered getting some food at the Cody airport 'restaurant,' but couldn't find anything he wanted in the limited selection.