Saturday, July 23, 2016

Streeter Family Reunion - Part 1 - Island Park

For the third time, we all joined together at Island Park for a week of fun on the lake. This time, we were all able to fit into the same cabin, which we enjoyed. The cabin itself was unique - it was interesting because it was an older cabin that had a huge addition added onto it where the majority of the family stayed.

The lake this year was nice and full - but had a strong presence of algae and as a result, was quite green!

That did not stop us from spending a lot of time on the lake! The kids all loved the tube and spent lots of time behind the boat on the tube.

Everyone had a riding partner - Kate and Bentley, Jacob and Breckin, and Claire and Brighton. Liam picked different partners each time. 

The best pictures we got were the adults - David and Kylie got an especially wild ride, and the looks on Liam's and Heath's faces are hilarious (Heath said he just had eaten a bug!)

The dads took the 2-year-olds on the tube together. Liam was pretty quiet the whole time and wasn't sure whether he was enjoying the ride or not.

Another highlight of the trip were the paddleboards. The kids and adults all spent a lot of time paddling around the docks and lake. 

The kids spent a lot of time together. Kate and Bentley were together just about every minute of the day.

As always, the adults all got some good waterskiing in. There were a few times that the water was super calm. Other times, there were, "TOO MANY BOATS" as John said over and over!

The old man even spent some time up on a ski! 

One of the highlights was Jacob getting up on skis! We LOVE everything about this picture - Jacob being up on skis, how excited he is, and his T-Rex arms! He held this pose throughout his 1-minute plus ride!

One night, we had a bonfire. Jared and David spent an hour outside chatting. then Torin and Grandpa spent some time hanging out. That night, we also had a pinata.

We brought a funny book from our library that we used for bedtime stories. Yep, classy.

We brought games for the cousins and they played games every day. Grandma bought goggles for all the kids, and they wore them everywhere.

The sunsets each night were gorgeous - I don't think that pictures quite do justice to how pretty the sunset was each night. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility every night.