Saturday, April 30, 2016

Date nights mean good food!

We love date night and we love food, so date night is a perfect time for lots of good food!

In February, we went to the Portland Night Market, a quarterly indoor market with Jessica and Ryan. We walked through the stalls, bought a handful of art, and tried a bunch of samples of salsas and jams. Afterward, we went to Merriwether's and ate ... and ate! And then Jared and Ryan donned mustaches.

For Jared's birthday, we decided to check off a place that has been on our list for a long, long time - Screen Door. Since there was a wait, we decided to walk down the road to Pix and do dessert first! Brilliant!

It was a good warmup for what was next. Fried chicken, more fried chicken, and lots more southern goodness! Check out the size of this fried chicken!!! it's bigger than Dani's hand! And those drumsticks were first smoked and then battered and fried... amazing!!! We were stuffed!

This spring was beautiful, and we had lots of opportunities to go for bike rides for date night. One of our favorites was 17 miles on the Springwater Corridor.

complete with a trip to Cartlandia and 3 more food carts! Yum!

The Portland Night Market was back, and this time, it was time to hit the food carts outside. We ate our way through the food carts, trying the dumpling, steamed buns, and the fried chicken trucks.

The theme - we love to be together and we love to eat!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby #3 for Jacob! Jacob decided to paint his car like a Wii remote. We finished all the races and didn't finish last every time (actually, I'm not sure we ever finished last), so it was a success!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blazers Clippers playoff game

We arrived at the stadium a few minutes early so we could be there for player introductions (and get food!). Jacob got a picture with Damien Lillard and talked nonstop about the Blazers. We got our Rip City sticks on the way in, found some (original!) PDX carpet, and got ready to be loud!

The red light sticks gave an awesome effect in the intros and throughout the games. As usual, the stadium was rocking as the team started and was loud for most of the game. Jacob and Claire were really into it.

One of the definite bonuses was some great food! Before the game started, we started the night off with some Salt & Straw ice cream - in part because it was likely the shortest Salt & Straw line in the city! After a yummy dinner, we started the 2nd half off with some more ice cream (Jared left with 2 seconds left in the half to get a second helping, and there were only 3 people in line in front of him!).

We were all smiles as the Blazers held on for the win! 1 more to close out the series and move on to round 2! It was a memorable first playoff game for Jacob and Claire.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Claire gets her ears pierced

For Claire's birthday, she was given earrings and the chance to get her ears pierced. Kaci and Dani joined Claire at Claire's. The workers asked if they should do one at a time or both, and, just in case, Dani advised to do both - so Claire didn't end up with just 1 pierced ear!

After getting up and browsing for new earrings, Claire tapped Dani's shoulder to let her know she didn't feel well, and she passed out and went right down to the ground (fortunately Dani was holding her arm when she passed out). After laying on the floor for a few seconds, she woke up. She got a lemonade at the pretzel stand down the hall (because Claire's apparently couldn't give her any water).

She started feeling quite a bit better, but she'll always have a good story of Claire passing out in Claire's!

Portland waterfalls with Kaci

After spending a week with the kids while Dani and Jared were in Cancun, Kaci couldn't get enough and stayed for a few more days. The kids enjoyed having Kaci with them all week, and the feeling was certainly mutual - Kaci was loving being around them too. 

We decided to take a tour of the gorge, starting at Multnomah and moving our way down the old gorge highway. We got a little taste of Portland drizzle, but that certainly didn't stop us! Liam is starting to make this classic face in his pictures - ha!

The waterfalls were super green and running with a lot of water from all the warmth this week.

Jared and Torin had a great time hiking around the gorge!

Kaci and Torin were especially good buddies. As much of a daddy's boy as Torin is (he requires Jared to do everything for him when Jared is around), he allowed Kaci to help him! He was super sad when Dani dropped Kaci off at the airport.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Celebrating Claire and Jacob's birthday

It's hard to believe that Jacob and Claire are 10 years old! We have been blessed to have these 2 lead the way for all the kids. We celebrated a few days early because Jared and Dani will be in Cancun on April 18, but they didn't seem to mind.

As usual, the Legos were the big gift hits for these two! It didn't take very long afterwards for them to put the new sets together.

Dani turned a simple Nothing Bundt Cake into something Claire and Jacob love - Star Wars!

Happy birthday Claire and Jacob!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Learning to ride

It has been beautiful (and surprisingly warm) this spring. We had a perfectly sunny Sunday, so we decided to bring the kids over to the Xerox parking lot to give the 4-year-olds some practice on the bike. Liam picked it up quickly and rode all around the parking lot, chasing Jacob and Claire around on their scooters. Kate still prefers the Strider bike, but she was able to get going.