Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fun in the high chair

Claire and Jacob spend a lot of time in their high chairs. They eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at least one snack every day (depending on their moods and on Dani's afternoon-grumpiness tolerance).

Sometimes, high chairs are used as a place where they can sit and we can get things done. One day, we left Claire and Jacob with some Cheerios while we went to look at the garden. When we got back, Claire had grabbed the bowl of strawberries off the counter and was close to finishing them off. Fortunately, Jacob had already had his strawberries. Caught you red handed!

Claire's favorite way to sit in her high chair is shown below - leaning as far forward as possible and grabbing her feet. We get some funny faces from them!
They have very different strategies of getting food. Claire's strategy (sometimes, at least) is flirting/charming her way to a trey-full of snacks.
Jacob's one and only strategy is yelling loudly. This was his response to his dad asking him to be 'so big.'

Dinner time is a lot of fun with the kids. Dani and I occasionally get a decent conversation in, but it's generally spent trying to get Jacob and Claire to be 'so big,' or to say 'dada' (which they say often) or to say 'mama' (which they, for whatever reason, refuse to say these days). Fun times!


ANJ said...

excuse me! these people have TEETH! i never knew...

Anonymous said...

How fun to get to laugh 3 times!!! I really got a chuckle out of Claire grabbing the strawberries and getting caught red-handed. She looks adorable in the third picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Claire looks amazingly like her "Nanna Nan" in the second picture

Anonymous said...

hmmm, she looks like her nanna in the third picture too!