Friday, May 11, 2007

Anyone else see the resemblence?

Dani and I went to Spiderman 3, and before the movie, the Dolby Digital Sound intro was Curious George. We laughed because Curious George reminded us of Jacob - into absolutely everything! Recently, Jacob's been into standing next to things and shaking them. The list includes chairs, doors, toys, tables, lamps, our legs, Claire (he thinks this is particularly funny - Claire doesn't), among other things. Check out this picture - do you see the resemblence?
A few months ago, I won this monkey at a work function. When we got it, we thought it reminded us a little of Jacob with its big eyes and huge smile. It still does!

I was looking through our recent pictures of Jacob and Claire and I noticed there aren't many of them together. Taking pictures where both Jacob and Claire are (a) in the picture, (b) sitting still, and (c) happy is getting to be increasingly difficult! We'll keep trying, and I'll get a few up in the coming week


CMIL said...

I laughed and laughed at the twop two pictures!!! They really do resmeble each other!!

sassparilla said...

he is CRAAAAAAAAAZY. where in the world did he get that from?

Rebecca said...

Cute pictures!

Camie said...

That's funny--I think you definitely have a curious george on your hands!!