Monday, May 14, 2007

A few favorite things

It's become basically a daily activity for Claire and Jacob to empty out the tupperware and the mixing bowls out of the cupboards. Dani says it's an activity that keeps them busy so she can do something else and is worth the trade-off! We've found lids and containers all over the house, but somehow have managed to avoid any orphan pieces so far...
We love Jacob without a shirt on! It only happens right before baths because he's a big-time drooler right now.
The new car
We sometimes wonder where our kids get their energy until they get in the car and Jared pushes them around the house, sound effects and all. Jacob is the driver with the road rage (he loves to honk the horn). When he's not behind the wheel, he's trying to be the engine for Claire. She thinks it's hilarious! It is a good activity for 3 people to burn off some energy.

Climbing under chairs

Claire loves to climb over and under the bars under the chairs. She grunts throughout the experience, normally getting stuck for a few seconds, but then goes back for more. She must have learned this from her dad, too (except that she can actually get out).

Remote controls & Phones

If Jacob had his way (which is actually happening more and more often these days), he'd always have a remote control or a phone in his hands. At church, we're in a small class with a family that has a baby the same age. She brought 2 old cell phones and a remote control for their baby to play with, and Jacob ended up with all 3 within 30 seconds of her getting them out for him. He'll carry them all over the house, stopping to press the buttons. If you're holding him and he sees one, he'll dive to get it. The scary thing is that he'll know how to use them better than his parents in probably 5 years!


Camie said...

I say you can quit buying toys for these babies and just let them keep playing with all the household items!!

Alisha Harris said...

Your kids are so much fun to read about. It sounds like a real adventure.

cmil said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks! What adorable pictures! The car looks just like the one Kaci had for Kylie and later Kamryn. I think she may even still have it. I think I pushed Tyler in it last year.

I loved the private joke about being able to get out of a chair. I should send that picture so you can post it.

Kepp up the good work with the blog and check out places to get a book made out of it --what a great baby book it would make.

Rebecca said...

Cute pictures! I'm impressed you don't have any orphan tupperware pieces. We manage to have tons of "orphans" even without Sydneys help:)

Tyler says that maybe the reason you don't have any orphan tupperware pieces is because one of the twins gets rid of the lid and the other one gets rid of the bottom:) You've got a co-conspirators on your hands and you don't even know it!

Ellen said...

Good post.