Thursday, May 17, 2007

More high chair pictures

Looking back through a few recent posts, there have been a lot of high chair pictures. This is likely because Jared takes most of the pictures and he's home at dinner time, Claire and Jacob are happy (because they are eating), and they are not moving around. Here are a few of the latest (and some of the cutest)
Claire has a really cute smile when she's not being crazy!
One of both Jacob and Claire's new tricks is biting the spoon and not letting go. Jacob is especially funny, because he gets this little mischevious look on his face when he does it.
In other news, we're beginning to introduce dairy into the kids' diet. It is so much easier to give them snack foods and foods we're eating because we don't have to worry about what's in them. They've had a little of everything recently, goldfish, cheese, yogurt, chicken nuggets and even some artichoke. Jacob is eating solid foods a lot better (though he still isn't a fan of broccoli, plain rice, or plain potatos), and Claire eats absolutely everything when she's not throwing it!


cmil said...

What cute pictures! They look absolutely adorable in those first two--I think they are some of my favorite pics. I love the mischievious look on Jacobs spoon picture.

I think I see some of Grandma Pat in the second picture of Claire and I think she may have my high forehead.

cmil said...

Thanks for keeping up on the posts so well!