Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New things

Jacob is really funny. He has so much energy, that he often doesn't know what to do with it. Normally, it's directed towards his quest to get a telephone or remote control. Once he has one, though, he just starts walking around in circles. He logs more miles than anyone in the family!

Another funny thing I've been doing with him recently comes from Finding Nemo. Remember Crush (dude) and Squirt (little turtle)? There's a little scene that they give each other 'fin', then 'noggin', then 'dude.' Jacob and I give each other noggin, 'dude,' and Jacob thinks it's hilarious! I love it!

Meanwhile, Claire has discovered her favorite cupboard - and it happens to be the one that Dani doesn't want her in because it has glass mixing bowls! She's really discovering how to push Dani's buttons - I feel that this is only the start, too!


cmil said...

I love to hear your stories about the kids and I love to hear how much you enjoy each other.

I can't wait to have all that energy around us for awhile.

Alisha Harris said...

Mason has turned into a mama's boy even more than before. He won't even let me put him down when he is awake and follows me around wimpering, if I try to ignore him. He also discovered my glass mixing bowls and shattered one, before I could get there.

Heath said...

Dude, What's the deal? You usually Update this site like every day. Get with it

cmil said...

I echo Heath's comment!

Jarom said...

noggin'!! The EAC man, you're riding it dude!! Robby and rachel love nogin' as well. I even give noggin' to XXs that call me sassy. he is a mature lad already.