Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is a fun time in the Jensen house. Around 7:30, the kiddos typically start falling apart and we know it's bedtime. We open the gate to the stairs and announce it's bathtime, and Jacob and Claire go running. At the bottom of the stairs, or sometimes on the way up the stairs, I'll get them into their diapers (I love how chubby they are in just a diaper!).

Baths are what you'd expect from 1 year-and-a-half olds. They enjoy drinking the bathwater, splashing, and standing in the tub. Pretty normal.

We get them dressed in the hall. We like to have Jacob get dressed first because he runs into the room, grabs Claire's cup of milk, and runs out to give it to her. We all sit on the floor in the room and read a book or two while drinking some milk.

After prayers, it's kissy time. Jacob has to have one from Claire. Then one from mom and dad, and another from Claire. Claire occasionally grants a kiss, depending on if she's feeling like it. She says, "Bear, Raaaaah!" a few times as we lay her down on her tummy with her blanket in hand and bear next to her. We lay Jacob on his back, and he's up and standing before we can put a blanket on him.

For the next hour, they typically talk to each other, and that's probably the funniest part of the whole process!

Now you're ready to babysit! Any volunteers?


Jim said...

Sure! We'll babysit!

Julie said...

I wish!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to witness all you described! I'll babysit anytime!

Taylor Jensen said...

sometimes my roommate goes and gets milk for me when i get out of the shower in the morning :)

little miss shortcake said...

just wanted to stop in and say hi! cute blog!
~ carrie shepherd (from church!)

Erin said...

Hi Dani! I hate to bring back bad memories, but it's Erin, from Nametag Source! How are you??? I was so excited to come across your blog! I left before you had your babies so congrats! They are adorable!