Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Built in Playmate: Blessing (and Curse)

My kids love playing with this door, I am always trying to remind Jared to close it when he comes through it because I am certain that someone will get smashed and it is hard on the wall.  They really have a fun time though.  I have to watch videos like this sometimes on days like this to remind myself that they don't always fight with each other.  Today the drama has been particularly high and I assume if they could speak in sentences I would be hearing things like this:

"Jacob came close to something I was playing with"
"Claire is playing with something I was thinking about playing with at some point"
"Jacob walked in my general direction"
"Claire kicked me very lightly and it was clearly on accident"
"Jacob said E-I-E-I-O when I was playing with the barn" (totally unacceptable)
"Claire told me NO"
"Jacob told me NO"
"Claire squawked at me"
"Jacob screamed at me"

and so on and so on, but instead of hearing these things today I just hear a whole lot of screaming about these things, plus witness the throwing of the body backwards followed by kicking.  Like I said, sometimes I need these videos to remind me...actually right now they are talking quite nicely to each other and it is close enough to my oboe lesson that I can start on nap time so things are looking up!


Jared and Dani said...

I'm pretty sure that just after the memory card ran out of room and the video ended, Claire did hit her head on the wall, but rubbed it for a second, and returned to laughing and slamming Jacob in between the doors!

There's now a little indentation on the wall from that door knob. Fortunately, there isn't some sort of lock on the knob so the indentation is rounded.

Angela said...

I love those little door knob protectors you can get for the wall. I'm sure you are right in their conversations back and forth, because with my kids, that is what they say to each other. Today, "Mom, Dalton just sat in my chair that I was standing next to!" "Dalton, GET OUT OF MY CHAIR!!" See what I'm saying. :)

Sarah said...

Oh the joy of twins. They can make you laugh and make your cry-just like a movie:)So glad you can see the positive of everything!

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at your translation--though I'm sure it was very correct. Thanks for brightening my evening


Julie said...

I love your guys videos you put up. I need to meet these crazy kids!! Um so there seems to be a slight "issue" with our amazing Cancun trip. Turns out this super check that Mr. Bush wants to give me may have to go to the Kelson Medical Bill Foundation. He had to have a lot more done in Portland than we thought. We are all saddened by the possibility of not getting Jared and jeremy matching speedos, and we cry ourselves to sleep each night. How we long for Cancun!!!